Een turn-key studio volledig in style.

After completing successful projects for well-known artists such as Noisecontrollers, Moti, Audiotricz, Egbert, LNY TNZ, Deetox and Bass Modulators, Q82 Acoustics have completed  a sleek design studio for international DJ duo W & W. Their existing studio was given a complete makeover and was fitted out with a custom-made, studio desk, LED- lighted logos and retractable huge Smart TV. A whole new rethink was done to ensure the best acoustic solution, with new studio hardware and a completely new infrastructure, the studio is now ready for a new chapter in the career of the famous Dutch DJ duo.

Since it’s creation Q82 Acoustics has built a strong reputation in building & improving music studios. Q82 ensures the very best acoustic and equipment solutions and designs custom-made studio desks, always striving to create a perfect working environment.


The W & W studio

Q82 Acoustics built the available space into a sleek designer studio, with custom furniture, ergonomic chairs, high-gloss white laminate floor and a DJ desk of high-quality plastic HI-MACS Acrylic, which utilizes LED lighting to great effect. These elements, as well as the 65 inch Smart TV that rises from within the wall, and custom white-wrapped EVE SC3010 monitor speakers and custom Mainstage logo ensures that the studio is one of a kind.


W & W: “We’ve known Quintin for quite a while already and we were impressed by the studios he had already done. We gave him all the freedom to create a studio that would look sick and sound great, and we’re super happy with the result! 

The custom Mainstage-LED-desk looks insane and the overal feel and sound is exactly what we we’re hoping for!


Quintin Beekman, Q82 Acoustics: “I’m very happy that DJ duo W & W gave me complete carte blanche after a lengthy consultation process. This resulted in a detailed full 3D plan, in which all elements of the studio were drawn. The fully customizable studio not only looks very sleek, but also has the best acoustic solution and equipment technology. After three months of hard work, we delivered on the entire studio in January 2017. ”

Client: W&W

Category: Turn-key music studio